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  The entrepreneurship of Shanxi Antai holding group Limited company  needs abundant human resources as guarantee. Talents are the inexhaustible driving force to promote the development of the enterprise. Only with abundant human capital can it occupy a dominant position in the market competition. At present, Xintai company has been in operation for a period of time, the first steel rolling plant is also put into operation, and H-beam will be put into operation in March next year. Therefore, more technicians, engineers and many other talents with professional knowledge and rich working experience are needed to invest in the development of the enterprise. With the continuous expansion of the group's scale, the group needs a management team that is in line with international standards, so the group will also support the development of the enterprise With modern management knowledge, familiar with the law of market operation, senior management personnel provide a good platform for the development of personal career. The holding group is looking forward to the joining of many enterprising and insightful people to complete the group's undertaking together.
      In the prosperous times of enterprises, talents compete with each other. Holding group always firmly believes that first-class talents can build an international first-class enterprise. It will treat every excellent talent with sincerity, and will adhere to the talent development strategy of retaining talents with emotion, career and treatment. The holding group in progress is willing to work with you hand in hand for common development, to create a first-class enterprise and to open up a great realm of life and career.




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