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 First, thanks for the attention of the society to our Group. The year of 2010 is one that the domestic economy recovers after financial crisis, and also the key one for home industry reforming, reviewing past, in the year, we wrote the magnificent chapter with confidence; Looking forward to the future, the steps will go on, and our reforming route has set sail. Innovation and development are our duty, creating prosperous people and powerful nation are our ideal.
      Facing the crisis’s which follow on, the Group, worked as one , holding the moment of the national money market looseness, and carrying on the government public relations, the capital operation positively, according to the government requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection, has extend the circulation economical steel industry chain from the steel –making to steel rolling. Value development, benefit livelihood of the people, the Group will not only make our business grow strong, bus also lead our own staff and the local population as well to get rich.
     The Group has always been carried on the enterprise operation throughout the modern enterprise system patternmaking the first-class products production, first-class benefit creation, first-class enterprise making and mold first-class enterprise culture as the core, during impetus of economic developments, to make our contribution for the socialism material civilization and the promotion of cultural and ethical progress.
     Now the steel and iron and the real estate industry is being in epoch-making remolding and transformation time, but we believed that the development has no block on the road ahead, the innovation has no limit. .Opportunity and challenge coexist. In the past, our unity and crossing difficulties together, has won the preliminary victory. Today, we stand in the historical new beginning; sound the bugle of the enterprise advance. Shanxi Antai holding group Limited company invites the community colleague to enjoy here happily, seek common development and success.




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