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Shanxi Antai holding group Limited company (hereafter refers to as Group) is founded according to "Law of corporation" and other requirements concerned, it was registered as a limited liability company which owns 100,000,000 Yuan capital in November 1, 2006 Under the Group sets up four subsidiary companies: the Jiexiu Xintai steel Limited company, the Shanxi Antai property development Limited company, Jiexiu Tendda transportation Limited company and the Jiexiu Antai property service Limited company.
The Group business scope involves steel, real estate, transportation and real estate service industry and so on, its main products includes: billet, wire rod, pig iron, H profiles bar and so on. The Group has presently formed circulation economical steel industry chain which yearly produces 2,200,000 tons billets, 800,000 tons wire rods as well as constructing 1,200,000 tons green building materials H profiled bars. The Jiexiu Xintai steel blue collar group also wins the year outstanding QC award in July, 2009 which was issued by the Shanxi Province quality association, the general labor union and some associations After the introduction of the domestic fourth H profiled bar production line from Germany, Xintai the second steel rolling company will be internationally the most advanced level production base of high-quality goods. In its production's more than 50 products the biggest specification is the 1008mm highly web plate, which is the present biggest one in the world and will increase sales revenue about 4 ~ 5 billions.
     The Group crosswise industrial development mentality will make steel industry extend unceasingly to the circulating economical industrial chain.

     The Jiexiu Antai Gardencourt project falls in the gold land sector of Jiexiu town center, phase one of the project which faced the staff of the Shanxi Antai Group Limited Company has been sold out completely, and phase two has begun construction comprehensively. Located at Taiyuan Bin River east bank Antai garden court also began ite opening quotation on July 18, 2010, and while a series of necessary property service system has  delivered the comfortable service to everyone family, it also caused industrial chain of group multiplication to be more perfect.




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